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Is 1893 Part 2 Downloadl [April-2022]




” [ [^5]: Q: Spring batch - configure the execution of queries I have a spring batch application that can import a csv file and transform it using the configured mappers. I am unable to configure the tasklet to execute multiple queries and transform the records. I need help on how to configure the tasklet as part of a transaction. The requirement is: If the first query fails, the tasklet should rollback the transaction, and if the second query fails, the tasklet should rollback the transaction. A: Assuming your first Mapper is MapperA and second is MapperB, you could write to a database StepBuilder stepBuilder = new StepBuilder() .start("First query") .script(new Script() { @Override public FirstQueryResult execute(ScriptedStatement statement) { // write to database return null; } }) .end("Second query") .build(); This is a simple example but you should be able to get the idea. If the first query failed then your MapperB will be skipped and a rollback will be done. This way you could create two tasklets and transaction for your mapper and you could handle your transaction yourself. The man who has claimed to be a second cousin of Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' elite Quds Force, has been arrested in Lebanon. Bassam Sheikh Ali Haider al-Din, also known as Nasser Ahmad al-Khoez, was arrested on March 26 in Bint Jbeil in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon's interior ministry said in a statement. He was being sought for alleged participation in the murder of Lebanese journalist Jihad Makdissi in March 2008. Al-Din's brother Mohammed Mahmoud al-Khoez, was arrested earlier on March 26.



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Is 1893 Part 2 Downloadl [April-2022]

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